Query and context based visualization of time-spatial cultural dynamics

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> Published 131021

QVIZ platform for faceted browsing has been developed further at HUMlab staring 2008 and is 2013 still going on. One key enhancement of QVIZ was the introduction of a highly dynamic data retrieval component that can use data from different kinds of sources. The QVIZ system has the potential to become and even more flexible and widely used research infrastructure for the digital humanities.
QVIZ on HUMlab web.
Presentation about facetted browsing and it usages in multiple domains

Successful final review

> Published 090617

The final review held at HUMlab the 17th of June 2008 was a success. Download the review presentation and/or read the public final activity report

Successful final review

> Published 080617

The final review held at HUMlab the 17th of June 2008 was a success. Download the review presentation and/or read the public final activity report


> Published 080509

7-9th of May Fredrik Palm presented paper at IST-Afrika Windhoek, Namibia read paper

Association of American Geographers conference 2008

> Published 080506

14-19th of April 2008, Humphrey Southall presented at the annual conference in Boston, United States. see presentation

QVIZ symposium

> Published 080207

2-3 of April 2008 in HUMlab, Umeå University, Sweden.

ELAG Workshop

> Published 080206

14th-16th of April 2008 in Wageningen, the Netherlands. QVIZ held the workshop "Geographical information as access point to cultural heritage resources.". Fredrik Palm, UMU chaired the workshop. see presentation

EVA conference 2008

> Published 080205

16th-18th of April 2008 in Florence, Italy. Peder Andrén, SVAR gave a presentation at the International Cooperation Workshop on April 16th.

Presentation to the General Archives of Castilla y Leon

> Published 080130

30th of January 2008 Laura Albornos presentated QVIZ to General archives of Castilla y Leon, Spain. read presentation

Consortium meeting

> Published 071220

22nd-24th of January 2008 in Tartu, Estonia.

Workshop on "Extending the multilingual capacity of The European Library"

> Published 071002

November 22nd-23rd 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden. The EDLProject organized the workshop and Fredrik Palm talked about QVIZ in the session "Interoperability in the cultural heritage sector". read presentation

EVA conference, Berlin, Germany

> Published 071001

November 7-9th 2007. An archivists conference where QVIZ was represented through a speach as well as an exhibition. Attending from QVIZ, Fredrik Palm and Peder Andrén.

eChallenges, Hague, Netherlands

> Published 070902

October 24-26 2007 an annual technology research conferences supported by the European Commission. QVIZ was represented by Fredrik Palm.

Consortium meeting

> Published 070901

Held the 16th-18th of October 2007 in Budapest.

The Genealogist Convention 2007 in Halmstad, Sweden

> Published 070827

August 24-26th 2007. A big event for Swedish Family Researchers. QVIZ was represented by Peder Andrén and Mona Bonta Bergman

Dissemination plan

> Published 070801

The dissemination plan (D8.2.) was delivered 31 July 2006. Read the dissemination plan.

QVIZ in Moscow

> Published 070602

29 of May to 1st June 2007 QVIZ was represented at the 3rd ECAI Congress of Cultural Atlases. Attending the meeting on QVIZ behalf were Humphrey Southall and Martin Schaefer from the University of Portsmouth. see presentation

Project Review

> Published 070525

The Project Review was held in Luxembourg 24th of May. Read some of the reports presented under Downloads.

QVIZ in Helsinki

> Published 061124

QVIZ was represented at the IST 2006 conference in Helsinki 21-23 November. Read more about the conference.

QVIZ on the radio

> Published 060610

A radio feature about QVIZ was broadcasted 9 June in the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation channel P4. Read more (in Swedish only).


The QVIZ-project is co-funded by the European Union through the IST programme under FP6.