Query and context based visualization of time-spatial cultural dynamics


Project coordinator
Patrik Svensson, Umeå University
Telephone: +46-90 786 7913
Fax: +46-90 786 9090

Assistant coordinator
Fredrik Palm, Umeå University
Telephone: +46-90 786 9077
Fax: +46-90 786 9090


Work Package Leaders:

WP 1 Project Management: Umeå University

WP 2 Requirements: Swedish National Archive

WP 3 Knowledge and Analysis: University of Portsmouth

WP 4 Technical Specification: Telefónica I+D

WP 5 Core Components Implementation: Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft

WP 6 Contextualisation and Visualisation Implementation: Regio

WP 7 Validation: National Archive of Estonia

WP 8 Dissemination and Exploitation: Umeå University

News letter

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The QVIZ-project is co-funded by the European Union through the IST programme under FP6.