Query and context based visualization of time-spatial cultural dynamics


Deliverables and information concerning the project are posted underneath.


Final Activity report 2008-05-30 (pdf file)

Evaluation Report of Case Study 2008-04-30 (pdf file)

Toolkit Architecture, ver 2 2008-04-28 (pdf file)

User manual 2008-04-24 (pdf file, see also QVIZ-video)

Exploitation Plan 2008-04-11 (pdf file)

Software validation diary and final validation report 2008-04-11 (pdf file)

Administrative Unit Ontology Report 2008-04-04 (pdf file)

Knowledge content model 2008-12-14 (pdf file)

Domain ontology 2008-12-14 (pdf file)

Assessment Methodology and User Scenario test plan 2007-11-06 (pdf file)

SystemSpecification and Requirement Report, 3rd version 2007-10-29 (pdf-file)

Toolkit Architecture ver 1 2007-05-10 (pdf-file)

Software and Validation 2007-04-25 (pdf-file)

State of the Art Report 2006-09-30 (pdf-file)

State of the Art Report, Appendix 2006-09-30 (pdf-file)

Dissemination plan 2006-07-31 (pdf-file)

Minutes from Steering Group Meetings

Minutes from Steering Group Meeting for QVIZ 20 December 2007 (pdf-file)

Minutes from Steering Group Meeting for QVIZ 11 October 2006 (pdf-file)

Minutes from Steering Group Meeting for QVIZ 11 May 2006 (pdf-file)


Newsletter 6 (pdf-file)

Newsletter 5 (pdf-file)

Newsletter 4 (pdf-file)

Newsletter 3 (pdf-file)

Newsletter 2 (pdf-file)

Newsletter 1 (pdf-file)

Dissemination Material

Leaflet, 2008 (pdf-file)

Folder 3, How to Join QVIZ, 2008 (pdf-file)

Folder 2, 2007 (pdf-file)

Folder 1, 2006 (pdf-file)

PowerPoint Presentation from Halmstad 2007-08-26 (pdf-file)


The QVIZ-project is co-funded by the European Union through the IST programme under FP6.